A Complete Guide to Organizing Your Photos in Lightroom and Maintaining an Efficient Workflow

In addition to being the place where you perform a lot of edits on your photos, Lightroom is an excellent program for cataloging and organizing images. As you work over time, you're likely to have tens of thousands of images stored there, and it becomes crucial to carefully organize your photos so you can easily find and work with them. This great video will show you just how to do that along with some other helpful tips.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this video explores working with large catalogs of images in Lightroom and how to effectively import, cull, export, etc. When my catalog hit about 8,000 images, I started noticing I was having trouble efficiently moving through my photos, and perhaps my method of just guessing approximately when the shoot was and finding the dated folder wasn't exactly sufficient or efficient. I took a few days to go back through my catalog and properly organize, and now, as I near 60,000 images, I'm really glad I did, as it makes a huge difference in my workflow efficiency and capabilities. I recommend taking the time to watch Danson's video above, as he'll show you everything you need to know. 

[via Nigel Danson]

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Brian Pernicone's picture

I really need to do this. I've been through a few storage devices and I'm not sure that I backed up every single image I have. My frustration with needing to find a few old images on old hard drives along the way has me ready to blow it all up and start from scratch with an entirely new workflow.

I just need to invest a few hours into streamlining everything but, man, it's tedious work.

Alex Cooke's picture

Do it! You'll be so glad you did!

Mike O'Leary's picture

Me three!

Sasha GULICH's picture

as I remember it is "Ctrl+Backspace" to del rejected photos from selected folder(s).

I know video is the future of marketing, but sometimes I just want to read a post instead of having to watch it

Nice and informative! Will try to keep this in mind for my workflow

Nick Rains's picture

I wish I knew why Lightroom defaults to a date-based folder structure. It might be useful in some cases but in general it makes things worse. Use metadata to structure your catalogues NOT folders!