Do You Have a Photographic Nemesis Location?

Do you have a location where it seems no matter what you do, you just can't seem to take a good picture? This great video explores what happens when you have a nemesis location, why you should keep pursuing it, and what you can do to get past your difficulties. 

Coming to you from Steve O'Nions, this interesting video follows him as he discusses the difficulties of a location where he just can't seem to ever take a satisfying photo. I certainly have a location or two like this where I just can't seem to ever get it right, and it is frustrating, because I can see the potential in them with my own eyes. The thing I admire about O'Nions is that he continues to persevere by returning to the location over and over until he gets something he is satisfied with. This is about more than being stubborn simply to satisfy one's ego; when you continue to push through to get a particularly difficult shot, you build a stronger skillset and you get deeper insight into your weaknesses as a photographer and what you can do to improve them. Check out the video above to hear O'Nions' full thoughts on the topic. 

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Kirk Darling's picture

I have nemesis conditions. Temperatures lower than 40F and higher than 90F.

Robert Nurse's picture

Hah! I just can't work in cold weather (Raynaud's). I've been looking for gloves that keep my hands at body temperature AND lets me work with my camera's controls. The search continues.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

My nemesis location? Studios! :D

Andrew Houser's picture

Instead of a "nemesis location", I call it my "Moby Dick" location.

Dennis Williams's picture

Nope. It has never happened. I do my research show up and shoot. Done and done. One less video discussing questions I've never asked to wade through though.