A Fast and Easy Way to Remove Annoying Dust Spots

Dust spots are inevitable, and removing them can sometimes be a burden. While there are many ways to go about removing dust spots, retoucher Chris Lambeth shows us a really quick and easy way to get rid of them. This method for removing them is completely new to me, but I'll be sure to incorporate it into my workflow.

Lambeth is an excellent photographer and retoucher. He has a very clean and simple approach to his work that generates outstanding results. Lambeth has taught me a lot of the retouching techniques I use in my workflow. He has taught me how to use frequency separation the right way as well as many other small, little tips and tools to utilize in Photoshop. I am excited to see what his new series will entail.

This is a new mini series I am starting. It will be covering miscellaneous tips and tricks that I've learned over the years of retouching. There is no set schedule for when they will come out, but I will be trying to get at least one out per week. A lot of these videos will be inspired by you guys and what types of things you're wanting to learn. So if there is something you want to know how to do or to see if there's a different and easier way to do something, don't be afraid to ask! I really hope you guys enjoy my new series and look forward to seeing your results!

Here are some examples of Lambeth's retouching work:

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One thing to further enhance this tip - chances are that you have many shots from that photoshoot, and provided this is the sensor dust, it will always appear on the same spots of the frame. So what you can do is make sure that you select all the sensor dust spots at once and then save your selection. You will then be able to load your selection on all other photos from that shoot and quickly use the content-aware fill to get rid of the sensor dust.

In my opinion, It would be also a good idea to use a new blank layer used select them ( dust spots) with a brush, so you can then select them via click on layer, sort of as a mask. I find brush being faster to work with.

Shift + Command + A

(Visualize Spots in the Camera Raw Filter)

A tip on the production side of the video is to limit the mouse movement; it's extremely distracting and actually takes away from what you are trying to highlight

Fantastic tip!

Will this work in Photoshop Elements? Great tip!!!