Five Awesome Nighttime Portrait Lighting Tips and Techniques

Nighttime portraits are a great way to shoot some very unique and creative images that can really set your work apart from others. This great video will show you five helpful nighttime portrait lighting tips and techniques. 

Coming to you from Pye Jirsa with B&H Photo and Video, this video will show you five nighttime portrait lighting tips and techniques. The nice thing about lighting portraits outdoors at night is that unlike the daytime, you don't need a highly powerful monolight to compete with the sun; any standard speedlight will normally do the trick. This means you don't have to lug heavy equipment to the location and you don't have to purchase expensive lighting just for the task. Something like a Westcott Rapid Box is a great option for a portable, easy-to-assemble modifier. In addition to not needing nearly as much lighting power, the fun thing about working at night is the numerous ways you can play with slower shutter speeds to mix the ambient light in interesting and more abstract ways, allowing you to create some rather memorable portraits. Check out the video above for the full rundown, then grab your speedlight and give it a try! 

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very very Important Notes that a photographer can to share with others and thanks for that.

as soon as I saw the image for the article, I said, thats slrlounge image.

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I love this video you're day to night was the best part of it for me cause I have never been able to do it in camera