Follow a Photoshoot From Conception to Finished Image

We're lucky to live in an age when learning photography is easier than ever, but normally, educational content tends to focus on specific techniques or ideas. While that's generally fine, sometimes, it's helpful to see the entire creative process from start to finish to understand why different steps were taken and different decisions were made. This helpful video will show you just that.

Coming to you from Francisco Joel Hernandez, this awesome video will show you his process for a neon-themed shoot at Dave & Buster's from picking wardrobe through getting permission, shooting, and culling. I think this video is particularly helpful as his culling process really highlights how he chooses between similar photos and how small differences can make a photo a keeper. It's an especially interesting shoot as the games at the restaurant feature many rapidly changing lights, and this causes a lot more variability in the images than you might normally expect out of a portrait session. On the other hand, the lights make for a very unique and fun shooting location, and Hernandez walked away with a lot of strong shots whose poses took good advantage of the environment. Give the video above a watch to see the entire process! 

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Vincent Alongi's picture

Nice work... Francisco puts out good videos. Also, a great concept for an environmental shoot with the younger crowd. Will keep something like this in mind.

Steven Elliott's picture

I appreciate videos like this. While a little long winded, you can always skip through to get some great pointers and advice. Keep doing these Francisco.