How to Add a Glowing Sun Effect Using Photoshop

A warm sun glow effect in portraits is a highly popular look that can create a lot of interest in an image if done right. This great tutorial shows you a quick and easy method for adding the effect that produces a nice result.

Coming from Jesús Ramirez at the Photoshop Training Channel, this tutorial uses just two adjustment layers (which helps to keep your file sizes down) to create the effect. The trick essentially boils down to using the gradient tool to create a radial light source and then using a selective color layer to adjust the toning in the rest of the image to match the temperature of the light you added. As an extra quick tip, remember that while Ramirez places the artificial sun in the frame, you can always zoom out so there is some blank space around your canvas, then drag the sun past the borders of the image. This has the effect of creating an out-of-frame light source, but leaves the subject awash in the rays. It's a great way to get that same warm glow without having the sun in the image if you find that too distracting for your particular composition.

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