How to Create a Dark and Moody Look in Photoshop

No doubt, the dark and moody look is highly popular nowadays, and it actually is not particularly difficult or time-consuming to achieve in Photoshop. This excellent video tutorial will show you what kind of photos work well for such a style and how to create it.

Coming to you from Aaron Nace with Phlearn, this great video tutorial will show you how to create a dark and moody look using Photoshop. This is actually a very straightforward technique, only requiring a curves layer to achieve (you will use the RGB channel for adjusting the highlights and shadows and the individual channels for the color toning). The one potential downside to this is that it is such an easy technique that it is easy to take it overboard and end up with an image in which the toning is distracting instead of mood-enhancing. Particularly when it comes to editing color, I like to step away from my computer for a minute or two after I finish the edit, then return with a fresh set of eyes to take one more look before I export it. I will often tone things down a bit before that export. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Nace.

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Royan Descartes's picture

i did a tutorial like this. exactly like this. why can't I get featured? wait lemme guess, k am not "big time" enough...right?

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Got a link we can check out?

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Err, I constantly try to find new and up and coming creators to feature. Try reaching out; I can't track down every single creative on the internet.

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oh god. let me express how sorry i am for my rudeness and how HARSH that comment came across. I am truly sorry about that. i had no idea anyone replied. sigh. i feel silly for it now. i since then havent made any tutorials. felt like nobody cared about these things so i kinda now do more art sketches with pencils. not like anyone cares about that stuff but it brings me peace.