How to Create a Moody Black and White Landscape Image in Lightroom

When we think of landscape photography, the default image our mind imagines is probably some sweeping view with gorgeous golden light and epic scenery. Nonetheless, that's not the only look you can get in landscape work, and as this helpful video shows, you can pull impressive images even out of the worst conditions. 

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this great video will show you how to create a moody black and white landscape image using only Lightroom. The thing I really appreciated about this particular vlog is that Danson embraced the stupendously dreary weather and adjusted his shooting to make an image that took advantage of the otherwise unspectacular conditions. It's sort of a "if life gives you lemons" moment for photographers, I suppose, and being from Ohio, I certainly appreciate the importance of working with various types of terrible weather. Notice how he focuses in on smaller scenes instead of going for some larger view (which wouldn't work anyway with the fog). This allows him to contrast a single detail (the tree) against the otherwise nebulous backdrop. The second half of the video will walk you through his post-processing to really bring out that dichotomy. 

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