How to Make Your Skies More Dramatic Using Photoshop

So much of a landscape image is in how you edit it; many different personalities and effects can shine through the same scene when processed by different photographers. If dramatic skies are something you favor, this helpful tutorial will show you a neat trick for bringing out more detail and creating moodier looks in Photoshop.

Coming to you from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, this video will show you how to use the Blend If feature in Photoshop to create more dramatic skies and bring out more detail in your landscape shots. The Blend If panel is often overlooked, but it's a tremendously powerful tool, as it allows you to merge different layers based on the luminosity of the total or individual channels. One can then taper the effect over a sub-range of values. In other words, for a high dynamic range area like a sky, where areas of sunlight occupy the same space as shadowy clouds, one can blend in colors and various effects and target the respective tonal ranges to create or amplify a desired look. It's a great technique to learn and one that'll serve you in a multitude of situations, not just working on skies.

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very well explained, thanks