How to Properly Use a Gimbal for Smooth Video

So you bought a gimbal! Great! But now you're wondering why your gear is still coming out slightly shaky and why the gimbal isn't doing as promised and creating a buttery-smooth video for you like magic! Odds are you're not quite using it right. But thanks to Christian Santiago, we can get a great virtual lesson on what you should be doing to shoot like the pros.

Shooting on a gimbal isn't always as easy as it seems. Without a spring or cushion of any kind for the y-axis, vertical bumps and overall movement won't be absorbed with even the higher-end gimbals such as the Ronin or MōVI systems, which are still unlike a true Steadicam.

Still, you can get professional results if you "bend the knees," balance your gear properly, and take a few other precautions that Santiago shares with us in this extremely thorough beginner's guide to using a gimbal system with your video rig.

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Anthony Cayetano's picture

Another tip. On some of my wedding vids, I use a Hoverboard for those low-midground dronelike pans. Takes the walking variable completely away. It's not perfect in some cases, but believe me, if you master it plus gimbal, it can go a looong way! =)

Christian Santiago's picture

I am totally on board with this. I am looking for an excuse to drop some money on one of those one wheels electric skateboards. It seems like a match made in heaven with gimbal work.

Christian Santiago's picture

Man, I am so grateful for the feature! Thank you!