An Incredible Guide to Every 35mm ISO 400 Film Out There

If you're looking to try out film for the first time, the veritable myriad of choices can be a smidgen overwhelming. This remarkably comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about all the 35mm ISO 400 options on the market right now.

Coming to you from the Denae and Andrew YouTube Channel, this video examines a wide range of choices of 35mm ISO 400 film. ISO 400 is a great speed to choose, especially if you're just starting out, as it gives you a little more flexibility in terms of different exposure situations, but it also isn't overly grainy. In fact, along with Velvia 50, Tri-X 400 will always be one of my favorite films, and it's remarkably cheap as well. On the same token, however, choosing the right film for you is very much a personal decision. Whereas digital sensors have slight aesthetic differences, those differences are tenfold with film, and while technical quality matters, it's often very much a subjective choice, so be sure to pay attention to what look speaks to you. I personally recommend picking three or four films you like from this guide, getting a roll of two of each, then testing them out and seeing the results in person before you settle on a permanent addition to your kit.

[via ISO 1200]

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Sebastian Erras's picture

You should mention that they only review B&W film in the title. Color negative films are not reviewed in the video ;-)