Photomemo: A Simple Tool For Film Photographers to Log Their Exposures

It happens almost every time I scan some film. I look at my developed film on the computer and think, "That's a pretty cool shot. I wonder what my settings were?" Shooting film is amazing, but sometimes it becomes a pain in the rump to remember what you were doing when you shot a specific photograph, since there are no digital markers to log your work for you. Enter: Photomemo. It's a small, lightweight logbook that's specifically tailored to be a film shooter's friend.

About the size of a small journal, these logbook pages are labeled specifically with spots for roll number, camera used, lens used, film used, ISO, and other useful facts, as well as space to make your own notes and drawings. Although there are products out there that are similar, I haven't seen many this portable and at this price point. At $9.99 for two books, it's reasonable enough to be within reach of most photographers out there without breaking the bank. There's room in each book for notes for about 20 rolls of 35mm film. 

One of the things I most appreciate about is that they are really passionate about shooting film and about the community that surrounds film shooters. They went out of their way to make a simple product that gets the job done without being overly expensive while still being made from materials that will stand up to some abuse. If you have a moment, check out the accompanying videos -- especially the behind-the-scenes on how the books are made. You really get a sense of the passion of Mike, the creator of the books. I definitely appreciate his journey of creating something he saw a need for and following through to the end. We should all be so committed to our ideas!



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Hans Rosemond has been known to fall down a lot on set. Thank goodness for the wireless revolution, else Hans might have to learn to photograph in a full body cast. His subjects thank him for not falling down on them.
He is looking to document the every day person in an extraordinary way.

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Photomemo app please :)

I have to buy packs of these. I have two film cameras. I use the Android app Exif4Film to record my exposure details, but some practice rounds at golf tournaments don't allow cell phones. I saw a CBS photographer talking into a headset mike taking notes. A voice recorder that takes timestamps would be great.
But this would work when I can't use technology.

If you have a Nikon with 10pin Connector you can connect the Camera to your PC an readout the settings for the last films. I'm not sure if there are any other Cameras capable doing this