Landscape Photography Dos and Don'ts

If you're just getting into landscape photography, it can be a bit of a different experience from other genres. This great video will help you get oriented and off doing it the right way.

This video from Craig Roberts is a great guide to approaching landscape work in a practical manner. Perhaps the biggest misconception I often see about the genre is that it only exists at exotic locales or in breathtaking geography. While those certainly render some of the most readily available shots, landscape photography can be done almost anywhere with a little creativity; trust me, I live in Ohio. And the great thing about practicing at local locations is that it hones your eye so when you do go to the more famous spots, you'll come away with more than just the most obvious shots. Another tip I really appreciated was resisting the urge to constantly use the widest lens in your bag. I'm certainly guilty of plopping my 16-35mm on my camera and setting it to the widest focal length without thinking through the composition. There's often a stronger composition to be found by using a longer focal length to exclude unnecessary elements and make the important parts more prominent in the frame. Do you have any tips? Share them in the comments! 

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Good video indeed. Being even more old school than Craig Roberts and still partly shooting film, his emphasis on getting it right in camera is paramount for me too. He offers a very encouraging set of tips, particularly for those without a lot of expensive equipment who are still suffering from gear inadequacy.

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I only made it to 1:07. Annoying intro and music but I held out only to discover the music doesn't stop. I'll just keep doing and don'ting what I always did and didn't. :-/
C'est la vie.

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Surprised he didn't mention shooting landscapes during the blue hour. That's like where it's at for landscapes. While I agree that you should be fine with whatever lens you got, I find kit lenses completely unfit for landscapes. Gotta invest in some wide angle!
Thanks for sharing, Alex!