Make Your Cutouts Pixel Perfect With Ease

There are many ways easily to cut out an object from an image using Photoshop, but inevitably, the very edge of your object is imperfect. In this video, Colin Smith at PhotoshopCafe shows us how clean up those edges not just quickly, but perfectly. 

No matter how steady your hand may be, it's nearly impossible to get the last few pixels of a cutout to look perfect without utilizing the selection tool and layer masks. Following a few easy steps laid out by Smith, you can eliminate any lines that may run along the edge right down to the individual pixel. Of course, this will create a sharp edge.

As anyone can see, objects don't generally have such a sharp edge. Depth of field causes a natural blur at the edges of most objects. As such, Smith shows how you can feather the edge to give your object a more natural look.

Personally, I've wasted countless hours working at the pixel level trying to eliminate those lines along the edges of cutouts and make them look natural. In hindsight, the solution is so simple, I'm practically slapping myself on the forehead as I type this. This video will almost certainly speed up my workflow while working in Photoshop. 

Have you ever struggled to create natural-looking edges to your cutouts? What has been your solution? Drop a comment below and tell us if this video will help you or if you have an even better technique. 

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David Love's picture

That could've been a 45 second video.

barry cash's picture

It a great start but it is only working on the arms because of the green background I would suggest any one who wants to see a more in depth instructions to view Thomas Brigantino videos

michaeljin's picture

Now do it with an iPhone photo shot with PORTRAIT MODE (the freaking bane of my existence) in the middle of the street like so many real estate agents I meet who want to use their selfies as professional profile photos...

/goes back to his corner to cry

Rob Mitchell's picture

I gave up wasting countless hours by giving my trimming work to someone else to do.
I have 3 people I work with, all specialist editors in various fields of photography. Depending on the result needed, detail required and budget I'll ask one of them to do it.

Saves me time to either be out making more photos or quality time with the family. I can do it too, but they just do it quicker an more efficiently. It's their core business.

Surprising amount of negativity... BTW, I'm a Mac user. I found your clip helpful, along with many others. I think William Howell's comment was reasonable, some good content at those sites. I however, find useful information from many areas and I like the photoshop cafe!