One of the Best Presented Lighting Tutorials We've Ever Seen (Three Scenes in One Room)

This is one of the best lighting tutorials I've ever seen, being both educational and entertaining. The German-based production company, Dugly Habits, has created this lighting tutorial for the Dedolight International Competition 2015. Using the Dedolight SPS5E Lighting Kit and a handful of other lights they construct three entirely different atmospheres in one room along with a wide variety of lighting tricks to create the illusions of car headlights, candle flicker, lightening and more. What's even cooler is how they deliver this educationally rich tutorial.  Each of the three chapters consists of their own shot-scene (a romantic, a dramatic and a psycho thriller atmosphere) while telling a little story about Peter and Paula (a typical German couple) performed by Joanna Barbera and Ives Pancera. As Dugly walks us through each scene, we get to see how every aspect of the room is lit in real time. Brilliant guys. Thank you for sharing.

This is a lighting tutorial by Dugly Habits for the 30th Anniversary of Dedolight International Competition 2015.
Here we show you how you can create 3 different atmospheres in one single room by using an SPS5 Dedolight Kit, some other lights and a couple of simple but pretty cool tricks!

Produced by Dugly Habits (
Camera: Mark Klotz
Lighting: Dugly Habits
Actors: Joanna Barbera (Paula), Ives Pancera (Peter)
Supported by dedo light (

via [NoFilmSchool]

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this was very well done! i really like how the information is presented


good one!
thanks for sharing

I like the light at the point where he mentions the mist in the air, and that you can see the "sun" rays. (Which you can.) Then he turns on a ton of light, and the beautiful atmosphere pretty much vanishes IMHO.
But certainly a well made demonstration of what light can do.

I did too Lars. But then I figured what we prefered and what they were going for were just differnt animals.

I agree, the haze was a great example (Just used some in a 48 hour film festival short I shot that wont best cinematography and best film) but if you overlight it like they do (in my opinion) it get rid of the effect. Still a great example of the power of lighting and how it can be more important than your lens or camera.

For the first set, less lights would look more dramatic and better IMO... Her face is blown out as well.

I agree the first set up was a little over lit but still a great video.

Did it bother anybody else that the camera was crooked in the first two scenes?

How did they get haze in the light from the first part of the tutorial? It was mentioned but I didn't see any explanation.

Mist or fog machine. (I presume. They could off course also have burnt some toast good.)

I was thinking the same but wasn't sure if the light has some special feature or diffuser that gives a mist like appearance.

Oy. Bummer. I had to stop watching after the second time she drank from the glass the guy spit into. Before that, it appeared to be an interesting demonstration, but I couldn't watch after seeing that.