Seven Helpful Tips for Better Color Grades in Your Video Work

Color grading is a step in the editing process where you can really add your personal style to your footage. This helpful video will give you seven tips for better and more professional-looking color grades.

Coming to you from Drone Film Guide, this great video will give you some helpful tips and guidelines for creating better color grades. Though the video focuses on drone footage, the tips are really applicable to pretty much any video you're shooting (and some to photos as well). Color grading is probably one of the most powerful ways to give yourself a signature look and affect the mood of your footage, but it's also very easy to go overboard in the moment. Once you've given all of your footage a consistent color grade (and it's vitally important that you're consistent across all the clips), step away from the edit for a while and come back to it a few hours or a day later with a fresh pair of eyes. I often find that I end up scaling back my color grading a bit after stepping away for even just a few minutes. Give the video above a watch for more helpful tips. 

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