Seven Helpful Tips for Posing Subjects and Taking Better Photos

Posing can be one of the trickiest things to really get right in photography, as it has a lot of nuances that all need to be correct to really make an image work. This video will give you some useful tips for improving your posing and creating better photos.

Coming to you from Pierre T. Lambert, this great video gives seven tips for better posing. I know that for me, posing was really the last part of my photographic technique to fall into place. It's difficult as it's not like objective parameters you can memorize; it takes a combination of your subjective eye and some general guidelines. Of the tips, the most salient for me has always been keeping the subject moving. Stasis can stagnate the organic look and feel of a set of images, and it can quickly feel awkward for the subject and decrease their level of comfort in front of the camera. By getting them moving, you alleviate all those problems, and you can create a bit more energy in your images. And it doesn't have to be over-the-top movement; even just a little can keep your subject more comfortable and engaged with the camera and you. 

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Very nice tips. thank you for sharing. :)

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How to look "feminine" for women or "weird" for men... btw what do you mean by weird? "feminine"? and if the guy looks "feminine", then what's weird... sexism at it's best

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