Six Different Ways to Color Tone Photos Using Lightroom

Lightroom can sometimes seem deceptively simple in comparison to its more nuanced cousin, Photoshop, but there are a lot of powerful capabilities lurking beneath the surface of the application. This great video will show you six different ways to color tone an image using Lightroom. 

Coming to you from Ed Gregory of Photos in Color, this great video talks about how to color tone an image in Lightroom, ranging from the basics like white balance and tint to more advanced techniques like split toning, curves, and the HSL panel. Color toning is a very personal aesthetic choice, and how you do it is a combination both of what you're comfortable with that enables your creativity and what also allows you the full range you need to achieve the results you have in mind, so be sure to try all the methods shown in the video. An additional tip: when you're using the split toning dialog, instead of using the hue and saturation sliders, try clicking the small colored rectangle at the top of each pane. This will bring up the full color spectrum, allowing you to quickly slide around it and find what you're looking for. I prefer this over the sliders, as it's much quicker and more intuitive. 

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For some reason I prefer doing those actions in Photohsop.

Josean Rosario's picture

me too but it was fun to see the other ways without using PS

The problem with Lightroom it doesn't have the same Plug In interface as Photoshop. Hence tools like NBP ColourmapX can't be used in it. They are killers for that assignment.

Barbara Alt's picture

Please put a wearable mic on! As you move, your voice level goes up and down! Great info!!! LR getting easier and easier!!!

Edwin Sharp's picture

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