Sizing Your Video for Your Target Audience in DaVinci Resolve

Considering your target audience when creating content is one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing strategy. That's why creators need to find out exactly who the majority of their viewers are when making and editing material.

But this doesn't just apply to a business strategy. Even if one is making content just for fun, but also wants the viewer to have the best possible experience, the aspect ratio of the video plays a huge part in that. To elaborate a little: the most effective/efficient aspect ratio for Instagram images is 4:5 because it uses the most amount of the window possible, whereas a horizontal image, with a ratio of 3:2, will appear diminished in comparison.  

YouTube itself is not only a marketing tool though, but also a large marketplace in it's own right. Taking this into consideration, who one's target audience is on YouTube should be a major factor in what aspect ratio they decide to edit/export their video as. Which leads us to this video by Alex, of the budding YouTube channel MrAlexTech. In the video he explains why and how he edited and exported his video at 18:9, as opposed to the more popular aspect ratio of 16:9.

As a new user of Davinci Resolve, and a complete newbie at video editing in general, I find Alex's content to be extremely helpful because of his clear and concise explanations.

Do you have any niche target audiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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Another channel worth bookmarking/watching that covers some advanced features/tricks:

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Nice one Daris!


Im trying to teach myself resolve. I like it so far but i was initially trained on Avid and Primere so theres a bit of a learning curve

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Having all the modules in one program to OWN, is a massive reason to go with Resolve. One can't help but think, though, that they will eventually go subscription based.