Struggling With Posing? Here Are Five Go-to Poses for Men

Posing can be a particularly hard thing for many photographers to master and is often one of the last skills they acquire. This helpful video will give you five go-to poses you can use when working with men as well as some helpful tips. 

Coming to you from Jeff Rojas, this great video will show you both some go-to poses and some tips for working with men. Personally, posing has always been my weak spot. I know I have trouble with it personally because it feels very nebulous to me; it's not the sort of thing I can look at like a parameter and set my mathematical mind to work on. It's something I continually work on. One of the tips I particularly appreciated from Rojas was using poses that make your model comfortable. An uncomfortable subject is something your viewer will pick up on instantly, and in addition, using a pose that automatically makes your model relax takes some of the pressure off you and makes it easier for the two of you to work together synergistically. You don't have to be a posing genius, but you should always have a few in mind and ready to go in case you need something to fall back on or get started with. 

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Michael Holst's picture

I need this!

Posing is such a struggle that I gravitate away from shooting people so thank you.

Rod Kestel's picture

Posing your subject is perhaps one of the most important but neglected topics. One of the best things I did was being coached.

For example, did you know there's a feminine and a masculine head tilt? Tilt the head either forward or back. One is more assertive, the other more inviting.

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