A Tutorial on How to Create RAW Panoramaic Images in Lightroom

Watch as photographer/retoucher Simon Plant walks us through one of Lightroom's coolest new features, RAW panoramic stitching. In this video Simon takes us step by step as he stitches two images together to make a panoramic image, which can then be processed with all that benefits of a RAW file. We now, no longer, need to process our images prior to stitching them in Photoshop thanks to this easy and convenient new feature.  

…Being an experienced retoucher helps me not only capture everything needed to complete the visual look of the job but also allows me to think on my feet and provide solutions to overcome those problems that can sometimes arise while working in the unpredictable world of location shooting.

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via [Contrastly]

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thank you.

Matt Green's picture

These types of videos are great, but it would be nice to shorten them. It would be easy to get this down to 2 or 3 minutes. Also... please remember "Command Z". That would have been the quickest, easiest way to get his crop reset after attempting to auto level the image.

This merge is a great tool but doesn't always work as expected. The link below links to a blog post of mine, documenting a particular failure I experienced.