Using Photography to Battle Loneliness

The truth is that many of us get into some form of artistic expression as escapism or at the very least, as a way of expressing our inner thoughts and feelings. This photographer talks about how photography became a means of creating interaction with other humans and even helping to heal his relationship with his father.

Ryan Pfluger is a New York-based photographer who recently gave a TEDx talk on how after growing up in a broken home and struggling to find a strong sense of self and the means to express it, picking up a camera provided him a sudden outlet of expression. I was particularly struck when he said that the interaction with his subjects is more interesting to him than the photograph, which really underscored his purpose in picking up a camera and the fact that it facilitates deeper and more meaningful human interaction and introspection. Music is very much the same thing for me, and as Pfluger mentions, you end up spending more time with it than you do most people; it becomes your constant companion in some sense. You can follow him on Instagram to stay up to date on his work.

[via PetaPixel]

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Elan Govan's picture

I just think some individuals are far better at managing and articulating certain aspect of their personality traits then others. Beethoven is a good example. His life was plagued with deafness and yet in spite of the isolation that came with deafness, he still managed to communicate musically with his contemporary audience and generations of listeners ever since. His 9th is a good example of giving voice to his musical genius.

Hats off to Ryan.

Well written article Alex. Short and too the point.

Alex Cooke's picture

Much appreciated, Elan! The police actually had to be called during the premiere of the 9th because Beethoven received 5 standing ovations. At the time, royalty received 3 standing ovations when they entered, and they were insulted that a composer had received more acclaim.

Elan Govan's picture

ha ha ...we have come a long way since. I do collect all the different versions of the 9th ....Karl Bohm of the longest. This is one of my top 5 recordings to date.

Alex Cooke's picture

Oh my goodness, that's a *fantastic* recording.

Elan Govan's picture

Bless the internet. Live footage of the whole concert is on YouTube. Did not expect to find it. Timeless as ever.

Timothy Turner's picture

Before you mention Michelangelo's David which show male genitals in clear detail, and is also one of the most influential pieces of work in the history of art. That being said, I find it very difficult calling a photo of a man reclining nude on a couch art. As much as I admire black and white gritty photos depicting homelessness, ravages of war etc, I don't understand the message this "photographer" is trying to convey other than I'm gay and I'm lonely. And to compare this body of work to one of the greatest musical composers in history is a joke.

Alex Cooke's picture

No one compared his work to Beethoven. Elan drew a parallel to overcoming personal struggles in the creative process.