Why Practicing Minimalist Landscape Photography Can Make You a Better Photographer

Minimalism in any art form is a deceptively difficult thing to pull off successfully, as the increased importance of every element shrinks the line between profound and mundane to a razor's edge. Nonetheless, the practice of minimalism — even if only ars gratia artis — can be a sort artistic sieve through which a clarity of your own expression emerges.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this great video examines the idea of shooting minimalist landscapes and why doing so can benefit you even if it's not your typical style. The first thing to note is the usage of a telephoto lens over the more traditional wide angle, as this removes the ability to rely on sweeping views and forces you to pick and choose compositional elements carefully. In removing the wow factor of an epic view, you instead have to rely all the more on your compositional and expressive instincts, and in turn, this will help you to define and refine them. Even if you don't come away with any keepers, the mere practice of minimalism can reveal quite a bit about how you approach photography, and you can take these revelations with you to whatever it is you normally shoot. 

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Nelson Jewell's picture

Nice video, Photo Tom. I need to do more minimalist photography, especially here Maine where the winter season drags on for what seems like eternity. We sure have the landscapes with which to work.