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With Elia Locardi
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3.18 - "Solid" 

This was taken around midnight if I remember correctly. Kirkjufell was about an hour and a half away from where I was staying and I had come the night before this one. I almost didn’t go for a second shoot because I had an early morning the next day. I went anyways because… who knows the next time I will be in Iceland!

This is a 7 shot vertical pano blended with a second 7 pano for the sky.

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Great shot, thought it looked crazy familiar! It's the same location as lesson 1 in Photographing the World Landscaping 1!

It is indeed! With slightly better weather :P Also a different composition.

I like the fact this is a different composition than what you normally see.

Thanks Josh! Its' not a composition I see fairly too often as well.

Hey everyone,

If you vote this less than a 3, I'd love to know why. Be as blunt as you'd like. Thank you!

Great Shot, my first reaction was I have seen this place only to realise it was part of the free lesson of PTW 1. Seen several photos of this place but this composition strikes me the most.

Thanks for such kind words! I took those typical compositions you're referring to but liked this one the most! I also got a little luckier than the fstoppers guys did with the weather lol!

I am headed to Iceland in July and have looked at a lot of photos of Kirkjufell. Your image is by far the most original composition that I have yet to see of this iconic mountain and falls. I hope that my take the same area is half as good. Well done Alex.

Scott!! Thank you so much. These comments made my day. I'm gonna reply to both of your comments here.

First of all, Thank you again. I see all kinds of photos from here but never see this one, weirdly. I think I stumbled upon this composition one time after I got back from my trip. Maybe because it requires a pano instead of a single photo?

As for time to go. Definitely in the midnight hours. 10pm-3am. I was there in mid june though so it might be slightly different. You'll have way less people, and way better light! If you need any other help/tips/ideas - let me know! I was thinking about writing a quick guide to spots around iceland.

Also thanks for adding the info about the approximate time that you made this. Gives me a much better idea of what to expect the first week of July around midnight. Assuming the weather is kind to me. :)