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2.35 - "Needs Work" 

This is one of my favorite images I took in the German alps. I planned to get some shots with a hut, the greens and the mountains in the background. This image with the guy working on the roof of the hut is my favorite one.

Fun story: There is a German hiking magazine that happened to have a cover page image of that scene and I think the same day as well in 2017 ( If you look close enough you can see the man standing on the roof as well and even the shadows are quite similar. So, not yet has one of my images made it to a cover page image but at least this one is close to one :)

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Seems a bit over sharpened or little too much clarity? Could be the gallery compression

Hi Alex, thanks for the constructive comment! I'm still working on my editing skills how to best sharpen my images. I'm also not 100% satisfied with the result in that image. Any suggestions how to improve?

Well before I respond, just know my comments will always be my opinion and to my personal taste. If you're working in lightroom, I'd suggest using a GND to control the clarity specifically. I'm assuming that's bumped up here. I'd apply it to the mountain range, as that looks nice with a little punch. But I wouldn't have any, or even a little negative for the grassy land.

If sharpening is causing it, try using the mask feature and bring it down some overall. Would love to help more but don't know much about your edit! Hope this helps.

On my screen the contrast is a bit too high. You might be able to recover some details out the the dark shadows?

Hi Lingde, thanks for the constructive comment!