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With Elia Locardi
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3.26 - "Solid" 

Praia da Adraga is one of my favorite beaches in the world and on this evening the conditions were just perfect to capture the photos I had in mind. Sun went down in the right place between the rocks, tide was just low enough to reveal some rocks in the foreground and I also had a decent sky. The rest was just taking logs of photos trying to get the right wave action in the foreground.

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Very nice. Been working on this shot at my beach. What shutter speed did you use and did you take hyper focal into account? That's my current task to learn.

Hey there. I think for this flow I had 0.5s or something. And I did focus stacking. I rammed the tripod deep enough into the sand so it would not sink. Then I took a photo for the background first to nail the light there. Then I focussed somewhere in front of the rock in the fg and took several photos for the water until I had the movement I wanted. Once a bigger wave came in I had to start over ;-)