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2.71 - "Solid" 

Månafossen is a waterfall in Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland county, Norway, near Frafjord. The powerful waters fall down 92 metres into a small pool creating a breathtaking spray, splashing at everything surrounding it.

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I like it, but I find the colours too oversaturated for my taste.

Thanks for your feedback!
Actually, I am not a huge fan of oversaturated colours myself. But on this shot, I wanted to take some artistic license and create a mood. I think, the fstoppers community tends too strongly into one direction, following Elia's work as the only legitimate way of doing things.

I don't disagree with you. The way I gauge my photos is - "Would I print this for my wall?" A lot of the "looks" you see on instagram for example look great there but wouldn't do so well on a wall.

For this specific photo, I think if the persons hat/backpack wasn't so saturated, it wouldn't be nearly as distracting to the overall photo or even tip off people that it's got some saturation added in!