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1.59 - "Needs Work" 

Moody Evenings in Scottish Highlands. i do not remember where this was but i really wanted to give this a dark and moody feel because of how late in the day it was.
Constructive Criticism would be very helpful. Thank you.

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I was stuck between a 1 and 2 for this. 15 other people have voted without saying anything so I hope you don't mind my comment.

Personally this feels like a snapshot to me. The kind of photo I'd take if I was just walking on the trail and took out my phone to shoot. I leaned more towards a 2 because clearly you put some thought and even a style of editing into the photo. Personally I think the photo would be much more impactful if you cropped slightly and maybe removed the hazard signs on the poles.

This is a quick and dirty edit of what I mean. Little crop, and removing the distracting signs. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much, i like your edit to the photo. ill try to keep these things on my mind. thank you again.

Anytime! Also, I looked through your other photos on here and I'd say I like almost all of them more than this one in particular.

Thank you for your insight.And thank you for liking the photos :)