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3.11 - "Solid" 

For our holidays on the isle of Madeira I researched some photo locations to shoot. Ribeira de Janela with its unique rock formation at the north coast seemed to be very promising.

On-site for scouting around noon it was already beautiful. Crushing waves, a fascinating rocky silhouette and large dark pebbles at the beach formed a magnificent scenery.

When I returned to Ribeira de Janela the next morning before sunrise I had to face some troubles crossing a small stream to get to the best spot. I slipped on the wet rocks and got wet feet but fortunately nothing worse.

Maybe it was a good omen for my shooting. The sky literally exploded. The sun rised spectacular between the peaks. I found a brighter stone among the dark ones and used it as a foreground element in a vertical orientation.

I didn't dare to step closer to the shore because of the massive six feet waves. So I stayed at a safe place trying a long exposure with my new rectangular filters.

This shot was my favorite of Madeira and probably the whole year

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Rafal Hyps's picture

4 for me!

Alex Armitage's picture

Maybe this was natural but I want more colors reflecting on the rocks! It feels weird having such vibrance in the sky but having the bottom half of the photo be so monochrome

Jens Sieckmann's picture

Thanks a lot for commenting. I did not dare to got any further. The rocks here were dry. So they did not reflect any color of the sky.