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3.06 - "Solid" 

I was on my way to shoot the post-sunrise in the redwoods, when the sun started to punch through the clouds (prematurely to what was predicted in the forecast). I jumped out of my car and, as quickly as I could afford to, set up the shot. Technical info: 2-shot panorama, Nikon D800, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6, f/10, 1/40, ISO100

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I like the simplicity of this photo very much indeed.

Thank you very much! The scene definitely lends itself to simplicity, so I'll give most of the credit to the tree that decided to make that spot its home.

Reminds me of game of thrones

Cool! I've still never seen the show, but it's interesting to hear the correlation.

I think I've given 2 5's so far out of the 400 photos submitted and this is one of them. There's so much I love about this photo.

First, I absolutely love the gradient of color from left to right, from warm to cold. Which also directly correlates to how I see this image. A warm tree in sunlight surrounded by cold snow.

Secondly, I love how subdued the colors are. This isn't in your face, yet it feels vibrant. It's simple. Would look fantastic on a wall but the amazing part is it could be the center piece of a room or be hidden in plain sight.

Love this photo. Would love a bigger resolution if you have that somewhere.

Man.. Alex, thank you! That's probably the highest praise I've ever received, ever. I really appreciate you spending the time with this photo, and I appreciate your thoughts! I didn't realize the color gradient in person, but when I got the photos into LR, I realized what a spectacular moment that it was.

But yes, the full-resolution version is quite large, and I'd be happy to talk details about it if you're interested! And also, if you'd like to see a bit more about this scene, it's in one of my recent YouTube videos- to which you can find a link in my profile.

Again, thank you. I really, truly appreciate your words!

I'd love to just see it on something like 500px or imgur, just to get a sense of it not scaled down.

Ill check out your youtube and no problem buddy!

You know, I stopped dealing with 500px a long while ago, but it might be time to reintroduce myself. Do you host images on either site?

I typically post to multiple sites. Fstoppers just resizes really small for modern screen resolutions.

I mean, I'd absolutely love this in full resolution, but typically people don't share those.

Simply gorgeous. The warm light/tones on the left turn into the cool greys of the clouds on the right - which gives great visual flow to the story of the image.

Having said that, I feel like this composition could've been improved if there was some visual interest on the left part of the image. It feels just a tad unbalanced because of how the clouds are all to the right of the tree but that is an incredibly minor quibble.

Just a splendid composition all around.

I completely understand what you mean. I've played around with the crop on this shot trying to balance out the lack of interest on the left, but ultimately decided I preferred the tree centered, and opted to just deal with the lack of interest on the left, yet hoping the small amount of background trees and color in the sky would be a decent enough subject.

Anyway, thank you for your comment, Sasidhar!