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1.7 - "Needs Work" 

It was a damn cold night visiting the "Kaiser Burg" (Castle) on top of Nuremberg, Germany. 3 hours of shooting and a few additional ones blending them together. I really like the cloud formations

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Thank you for your ratings. I really would like to read more technical critiques since this photo took me a few hours of work and i want to known why I get this harsh critique. Many thanks in advance Marcus

Looks like nobody is answering... it really looks like snapshot with cellphone with some filter on it, I would like to see more of those houses at the bottom or bigger crop with the church with cityscape and less sky and I kind of dont like colors and mood of this picture

Many thanks for taking time to give me some sort of hint of feedback on how to improve.
I agree that the crop should be changed to get more focus on the houses and churches.

But what should I change in terms of mood and color? “I don’t like the colors” is hard for me to understand.
Many thanks

I cant help you with mood, colors and things like that of the picture, you must feel it, just look on other photographers pictures which are well rated by others, but best way is to develop your own style which will be accepted by others but that is hard, my advice is shoot shoot shoot and dont worry about others rating, beauty cant me measured by meters or kilograms, just look what people thought was nice in 1980s, from todays perspective looks terrible, so what looks cool now might be ugly 10 years later :), so just try to do some good resolution, sharp photos and dont worry some style.