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2.12 - "Needs Work" 

After a night of sleeping in the car we drove around looking for food at 5am came across these silos shrouded in mist.

Shot with; Canon 5D III and 24-105mm Lens.

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If anyone feels they'd like to say "Need work" then cool, but it'd be super helpful if you could say what you'd change.

Thanks, Matt.


I love the mood, tones, and even the reflects on the silos. I gave this image a 2 specifically based on composition. Both subjects, the silos and the barn are at the very edges of the image. It's hard for me to figure out what you want me to look at and where you want my eyes to go.

Definitely love the mood and eerie feeling, but left wondering what the subject is.

That a fair comment. It's odd because one of the first questions I tend to ask myself before I take a photo is exactly that. "What is the subject?"

As you rightly surmise; in this photo, I was aiming for an overall mood.

I absolutely love this. I sorta wish the sky wasn't so bright in the upper left - it takes away from the mood of the image, and this image is all about the mood. If I had access to this location I think I'd shoot here all the time, maybe even use it for portraits and the like. Beautiful.

Thank you. Yes, it was a pretty remote place. If I recall this was day two of a three week drive along Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. I believe it was called Funk's Grove.