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2.86 - "Solid" 

Fairfield church is quite unique in that it sits in an open field surrounded by sheep and ditches. I've shot here a couple of time but this was my favourite after catching a beautiful cold frosty sunrise.

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Beautiful mood, i just feel like a different crop could make it a better image, with less foreground maybe?

Personally i'm happy with the crop, but i'm not against trying different crops. Thanks for the input

Seems like a GND in lightroom was used for the foreground too strongly for me. Transition from ground>sky makes it a bit too obvious.

thanks for the input. When you say the transition is obvious, what stands out about it? I think im too close to it to see what you mean

If you look above all the trees, theres a slight "glow." Sometimes this naturally occurs but combine that with how the light/shadow is on the building, it makes me think theres a GND here. On the left of the building you see the sky go right above the ground is much brigther, and it matches the transition in the house. It just has a really "glowly" effect. Semi-hard to explain so I hope this helps.