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3.77 - "Excellent" 

A very well known location that is hard to present in a new or unique way. But when the aurora showed up I knew this could add some different flavor to it. The gorgeous place Hamnøy at Lofoten, Norway does it all by itself. I only had to make sure that the annoying artificial lights of the bridge where I shot it from did not kill the mood.

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I think this image has a ton of things going for it, the capture and processing is truly flawless, so bravo indeed. My main distraction is the scale and position of the elements; I feel that the foreground is a bit too prominent when the key players in the scene ought to be the town and the sky above it. So, I'd have done two things. I'd have angled the camera up just a tiny bit, to get just a little bit more sky, and then I'd have tried cropping the whole thing to 4:5 as well.

Alternately, if you just can't bear to forfeit any of the foreground, the other choice would have been to "go for broke", and deliver a 1:3 vertical panorama, with just a little bit cropped off the sides, a tiny bit added to the foreground, and a whole bunch added to the sky.

You could "skew" the bottom a bit to achieve what you are talking about.

That said, I don't have the same issues with the photo that you mentioned. Maybe it's a bit "heavy" subject wise in the top half of the photo, but I think that's just being too picky.