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3.53 - "Excellent" 

A very special morning at beautiful Hintersee, Germany. The sun rose above the nearby mountains and lit up the small rock with the pine tree on it. The misty air made it glow and the calm lake provided a perfect reflection. A catch of the moment for sure.

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I absolutely love the light, the color, the tonal processing, it's all magical. Must have been breathtaking to witness the scene in real life! Which brings me to the framing- I can't look at this image without desperately wishing I could see to the left and right. To me, a vertical composition can only succeed if it leads you into the photo, and keeps your eye firmly within its boundaries. If the viewer's eye/attention keeps bumping into the edges of the frame, then it's not working.

That's not to say that this wasn't the only framing that was possible from this vantage point. There could have been loads of distractions just out of the frame on the left and right, and to include them would have killed the shot. But, sometimes that's just the way it goes.

For me, I think the shot could have succeeded a bit more if it had been 100% hillside in the background, instead of having that triangle of sky on the top and bottom left corners.

Hi Matthew, thank you so much for your response and taking your time to really get into the shot. I truly appreciate it. Well landscape photography is about taking decisions to get a focus inside a mess of opportunities. As you say most of the times those decisions are to optimize what you find at the place.


This would be a 5 for me if it wasn't for pretty much what Matthew said. Absolutely love so much about it except the "triangle" it creates.

Still a gorgeous wonderful photo. It should be noted I wouldn't give any photos I've taken a 5 and this one is so close for me.

This is such an unusual image because of compression effect of the lens, the way the triangle of mountain are made...awesome, congratulations. Absolutely love it. Love the lighting, composition, sharpness, everything !!!