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With Elia Locardi
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Lake Burley Griffin and Canberra CBD at Sunset

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Alex Armitage's picture

Hope commenting for my thoughts is okay Tim!

I like the capture. However I see this and think "Why am I looking at this? What does the photographer want me to see."

Also the sky is a little too blown out for my taste, could be brought down just a bit. But that's easy to fix. Biggest thing for me is subject/idea

Tim Kiermaier's picture

Thanks for that Alex,
The thing that got me when I took it was the colours and the juxtaposition of the dark trees before the lake.

I will freely admit though that Landscapes are not my normal shots and if I took this again I would be trying to get my hands on an ND filter or try some different approaches in post than I did (this photo is about 14 months old now so hopefully my skills have improved since I worked on this)

another thing I know I struggled with was that I was wanting to crop the image into a more wide format (16:9 or something like that) but then I kept wanting to show more context, I guess that is where I lost the subject focus like you are saying.


Alex Armitage's picture

I do like what you pointed out! A GND would have been amazing for this!