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3.03 - "Solid" 

Liverpool Mann Island - Inspired by Elia's unique time blending techniques I decided to give it a go myself.

Composed of several different exposures taken throughout the sunset and blue hour the biggest challenge was to get the water to match the sky as the wind was quite strong during sunset and only settled later in the evening.

Nikon D750, 28-300mm, f/9, ISO 100

#TimeBlend #EliaLocardi #Cityscape

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Great job! Your blend looks good, lighting looks natural, and overall really captures the area in a realistic way. I like it!

One thing I'd do it skew the left side up just a tad to straighten the cove line. I realize it probably looks like this in person because it comes into the photo more, but just a little bit so the horizon doesn't look as sloped down. Personal taste.

Thanks Alex :) Your comments are very constructive!

I agree with you that even though the horizon is straight the angles of the shore line make it seem off - I really struggled with this in post production because the buildings begin to look warped, I think due to their odd architectural angles in the first place.

Will have to revisit and keep trying :)

I totally understand! It's definitely a challenge for me in some photos where hills... well they look like hills! Yet they give illusions of uneven horizons.

Here is just a super quick edit of what I mean. I barely skewed it up and I don't think it did any damage to the rest of the building lines. It's just a very slight edit, what do you think?

The horizon defiantly looks a lot straighter now on your edit I always get thrown off by the reflection in the water from the far right building though haha

My mind tells me it should be a perfect vertical from the actual building to the reflected building and when you skew it then that changes :/

God damn perspective haha thanks for showing me that though it does look better I must admit :)

I think sometimes you have to let go of perfection in one spot to handle more important areas when dealing with structural lines.

In this particular photo, the only line I really noticed was off was the horizon - even though it's actually just an illusion of the harbor.

Fixing that, or skewing it just slightly. None of the other lines are nearly as distracting by not being "perfect". That said, The reflection on the far right looks good to me even after the skew!

Great advice :) It's sometimes hard to look at it from an objective point of view and I need to learn to step back like that and like you said "let go of perfection"

You've been very helpful thanks man!

Always buddy! Let me know if you ever want anymore comments :) Always here.

Also this text space is getting very small!