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2.41 - "Needs Work" 

Foggy night over Heidelberg.

Please feel free to comment any thoughts how harsh they might sound

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Because you asked, I'll comment!

I gave this a 3 because there wasn't anything inherently wrong. Maybe it lacks a bit of balance having the building on the left be so close to the edge of the frame. Also pano's lose a lot of resolution on fstoppers so it's hard to really get a sense of the detail here, which might be what's great about this photo.

It also seems like it isn't straight. Possibly from blending two/three? shots in cylindrical. Obviously the hill up to the building might be creating that illusion but from left to right it kind of looks like a small bowl shaped horizon.

If I could i'd probably give this a 2.5. For me it's just missing something. Like I said, this might be gorgeous zoomed in - I have a few panos that look dull this size but once you see them in print they completely change.

Thank you for your detailed and open reply Alex.
I'll keep the balance issue in mind next time ill shoot the scene.

As for the level of the photo it might be created by the fog, but i will check again in Lightroom.