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With Elia Locardi
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2.77 - "Solid" 

We spended last week in the cold north of Iceland. it was amazing up there!! I made it with 8 vertical images stitched together and I used a 1.8 ND filter for the Water.

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I think I'd like this more with more sky, and a bit cropped down specifically on the right.

Thank you Alex about the sky I thought the same back home. :-)

horizon seems a bit uneven.

well on the left it is not the same height as right but if I would us the horizon to line up, the waterfall would flow diagonal :-) PS: Sorry my english isn't the best!

I inderstood what you said. 😊 your english is pretty good.

This is an interesting view of the scene, since literally every other image of these falls are quite close up, and don't give the same sense of place as this. Having said that, I feel that the stitching of the panorama may have "shrunk" the relative size of the falls, and maybe the image should include slightly less foreground. Alternately, capturing the image as a single on a fisheye lens, and then cropped to a panorama, might change the sense of scale and "enlarge" the falls. Altogether a stunning shot though.

That it is shrinking the image yes it could be. I made also single images i made a couple but not with the fisheye (i sold it 2 years ago because i never used it). Thank you for your feedback

Haha, I, too, had a fisheye lens and sold it, however with megapixel counts now surpassing 40 and 50, I am strongly considering investing in one again, so that I can (when the admittedly still-rare occasion requires) capture a panorama as a single click, for whatever reason.