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2.91 - "Solid" 

I used a gel'd LED and long exposure to capture the movement as well as a pop of flash to freeze the motion. This is something I've wanted to attempt ever since I got into photography as I had been a gymnast throughout my childhood. Shot with a Sony A7Riii, 16-35mm f4 lens, came-tv boltzen LED lights, and a Godox AD200 with a grid.

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Love this one!

Thank you!

Great picture. Very well thought out

This one is really good ( I like it much better than your first post ) -- the moment is just right, the circular haze from the rotation around the bar gives it momentum, and I think the light running across the wall in the background (from the window I guess) makes for a good color contrast.

Thanks! I agree this one is the better photo

Such an epic shot mate.
I think the only thing id like to see is another light or two to give his front side a little more detail and separate him from fading into the background.
Overall, awesome shot. The light trail around the bar is such a cool concept. Really impressed with this đź‘Ś

Thank you so much! Yes extra flashes would definitely help with cutting him out of the background, but controlling spill was my big concern when using flash. Might be hard to extra flashes in other positions. I was worried how faded the raw photo looked after capture but managed to add enough contrast in post so extra lights might help. Would definitely like to try a shot like this again sometime!