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1.21 - "Snap Shot" 

In 2012 my next door neighbor's 15 year old kid tried to kill me with a shovel hitting me on the left side of my head, breaking my face and almost killing me in the process, right in front of my kids as I was out side at the edge of my driveway picking up the pieces of toys my neighbors sister ran over driving recklessly, who I had just signed a ticket against 45minutes earlier, is why he tried to kill me; thinking he was going to shut me up and testifying how the sister almost ran over my kids from driving reckless. So I'm showing how my kids and I rose above this terrible incident and forgave him, this is how I got into photography, never taking a class or going to school for it I wasn't able to go back to work from my injury and now have many health problems and multiple surgeries, I taught myself photography and still trying to make ends meat to pay bills! I'm pointing to my elbow from where I fell and skinned it and telling my self that I still have muscle's even though it hurt's.

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I posted this because to me it's not about the best picture, it's about the best strength and the strength we all have inside of us and what we are able to overcome....

Have to disagree with you there. The picture should convey, powerfully and emotionally, what strength means to you. It should need no words. This photo doesn't really do that at all.

I tell you what see how you feel what I went through and then you can tell me then, because it takes everything I got not to kill the son-of-a bitch that did it to me, especially when he did it In front of my kids! This is what strength means to me because I overcame that feeling!

No one said, you had to like it!!😋