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1.86 - "Needs Work" 

Another early morning shot during the fog down by the lakeside.

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I see this is getting rated low without anyone offering feedback, that has gotta change in this community. Anyway, I rated it 2 and I'll explain why. I see what you were trying to do, but a couple of things are happening. Most of all I think the image is too washed out. This could be because no (or barely any) processing has been done and it was likely very foggy. Have you tried adding some contrast to the image? Perhaps some dehaze if you own lightroom/photoshop? Other than that, next time you could look for another vantage point go get a different perspective (you are very close to the foreground 'ground' here, if you get what I mean. You could have also cropped at the birds standing to the middle right, those are very well lined up, aren't cropped by the before-mentioned foreground. If it's a high res shot you can still try cropping the shot, adding some contrast and see what that does.

Thanks Martijn, yeah I know it's not a great image I just thought it fit the moody theme. This image actually has a decent amount of contrast and dehaze already added to it, if I pushed it any further it started to degrade the image. I felt the foreground was pretty heavy too. This is actually a cropped version of it already. There was about 30% more foreground than what you see here. I tired to mitigate it a little bit but I agree it's still to much.

I wanted a really tack sharp image that had great contrast but the fog was so intense that I don't think I could have pulled that off without be very close. I don't know if adding contrast only in the mid tones could help with it a little more but it's certainly one of the most challenging environments I've ever shot in. Still a lot of fun to try and push those limit.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :D