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J D's picture

Such a cool location and colour gradient.
Is the mist/fog edited in? I feel as though it is the way it mimics the circular feature and It'd be a stronger image without. Kindof breaks the immersive ness of the photo.

Nikita Aksyonov's picture

Thank you. Yes fog, color tone, contrasts were edited.. Without its another gray picture in another gray day, I kinda bored of gray days.. I`m sure the original way of this photo wouldn`t take even "snapshot" star.. But its all about taste :)

J D's picture

Oh I feel you on the grey days, but I was suggesting to make the fog more natural looking, It definitely adds intrigue but doesn't look real as is - but you're right, taste is subjective. I'd love to see the original for a comparison though.

Nikita Aksyonov's picture

Yep, but "natural looking" is about skills.. I made a mistake cause I trying without publishing :))) Thats good, that people on this resource are commenting so I will gain more info about the different - How I see it and How people look at it. And hope my skills will be better.. Thank you for your comment.