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2.43 - "Needs Work" 

Messing about with friends to capture this wire wool image at Wimbleball lake in Somerset

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1 Comment

Technically well executed. Interesting idea to blend the red of the jacket, the orange of the sparks, the blue of the flashlight, and the cold white of the snow.

But somehow all the work didn't result in an image that is very pleasing. It doesn't make me wonder about the story or the place. What I see is two overused techniques (wire wool and flashlight beam) thrown together with good leading lines to create what should be an interesting composition. Graphically speaking, if you were to break this down into its graphical components, I see how it works. But in the final analysis, it doesn't end up being that interesting or pleasing to look at. Maybe the same techniques, but with a different figure in a more enchanting/interesting place?