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3.27 - "Solid" 

Glaciers National Park

Warm summer nights in Glaciers National park, perfect place to shoot stars. Amazing scenery, Goose Island, mountains and bears in a twilight forest give you high spectrum of feelings.

Canon 5d mark III, Canon 16-35 f 2.8. Foreground 1 exposure 2 minutes, iso 250 f 11. Stars around 100 images, 30 sec exposure f2.8 iso 800

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I really like it, easy 3. (3.5 actually, but I can't vote that) only comment I would make is the trees in the front being in the image. and being cropped off in such ways.

Personally I would have tried to find a composition that would not have had the trees in the bottom. Or cloned them out in post. Which would be easy for the ones on the left and middle. (the big one on the right is tricky)

Still, love it, amazing image, amazing star trails, amazing landscape!

yeah, thats what i did. I tried to photoshopped one on the right side - I failed miserably

wow I love it

I agree with Steve, I'd spend some time cloning out the trees along the bottom frame and that weird red pillar like reflection on the far right of the water. If you have a few hours to spare, I bet you could get it to look natural.

I would also add that I would inverse the direction of the star trails so it looks like falling stars instead of moving upwards, but that may just be me.

Overall, fantastic shot!

Cool pic man

The tips of trees at the bottom has infact changed the rating of this image from a 3 to a 2.5 for me. Either none of of the trees should have been included or more of it.