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Submit your best long exposure image to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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1.79 - "Needs Work" 

An old photo I took on a camping trip. Photo was taken entirely by firelight and the only post processing I used was exposure and and color correction. It took an hour of flipping the camera in the middle of a long exposure to get the face relatively in focus and for the faces to line up the way I wanted them to.

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I liked the idea and how it is done. Great effort is put in, but I am a photographer from the late film era and that is why I appreciate this kind of incamera work a lot more than others. Fstoppers’ audience would prefer two sharp portraits with popping colors flipped and stacked in photoshop, instead of a blurry long exposure. Such images like this are considered flawed in the late digital era.

Be prepared for hell :)

Thanks! I am happy you like it!

While I have many more "polished" images (though I tend to not edit that much compared to many other in the FStoppers' community), I chose this one because I keep coming back to it more than most of my other pictures. I wasn't expecting this image to get a good rating, but I opted for posting a more unique image. Of course, this image doesn't have a commercial value, but I am also not a commercial photographer.

I would be much more interested in hearing the critique on this image compared to the other one I posted despite that one receiving a higher rating.

By the way, I checked out your images, and I really like your work!