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2.46 - "Needs Work" 

The story here isn't really about the subject but the world they inhabit. Things have gone wrong, badly wrong. I think it's probably a few years or even generations later and this is just the new reality of life after the apocalypse. The subject is faceless because identity no longer matters in this new world, only survival.

Shot on the Fuji XT-2 with the 56mm f1.2 and a single light off camera left.

WARNING!!! The gas mask is a soviet GP-5, these are quite easy to source because they were made literally by the millions. If you going to shoot with one then I advise pulling out the air outlet valve so that you can breath in through it as well as out (its located under the chin). Whatever you do don't breath through the air filter itself because these old soviet ones might contain asbestos. If you leave the rubber stopper in place on the filter to block the air flow, make sure there is another way for air to get into the mask. Also be sure to have a friend and a pair of scissors on hand. Because of the all rubber construction, these GP-5 masks can actually suction to your head and become impossible to remove, which can suffocate whoever is wearing them. Remember, do your own research and be careful, getting the shot is never worth risking harm to you or anyone else.

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