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This image is the latest entry into my ongoing neo-spaghetti-western series. The concept is based loosely off of a movie poster for "100 Rifles," where Raquel Welch is showering under a water tower as bait to lure the Mexican army to stop. I found the poster fairly absurd, because of it's blatant use of sex to sell movie tickets. It's the kind of thing you couldn't get away with anymore.

This was shot on location at the Salton Shores coast, in the Salton Sea. I picked the Salton Sea because we had stopped there on a few occasions, and there's some phenomenon that produces this misty haze over the lake, which creates this very subtle gradiated sky and background. I built this shower to circulate the water from the bucket up into the showerhead, which I made from a tuna can. It had to circulate it's own water because there's no clean water within miles of this place.

I shot this image during what has turned out to be the hottest summer on record. On the day of the shoot, it got up to 114º before we packed up and left. As such, I wasn't going to be able to get anybody to take the horses out to the location. So I had to composite them in afterward - and thank god I did because it was my first time trying to shoot horses, and they don't play ball. I did however intend for these particular poses for the horses, it just took much longer to get them than I anticipated. Once it was all composited I felt that the horses felt a little too fantastical. In an effort to ground their presence a little more, I built the hitching posts and shot + composited them in.

The goal was to create an image that felt absurdly out of place with its use of sex in a neo-spaghitti-western setting. And I think on that note it is a success.

I went through the entire production process on my studio Instagram account. If you like to see how the sausage is made go give it a follow, and you can watch or participate in a few other images that are currently in the pot.

The boring bits:
Lens: Sony +Zeiss 55mm f8 + Anamorphot Anamorphic Adapter
Camera: Sony A7iii
Light: Available Light @3pm


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Wow so beautiful !!

Thanks Ali.