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2.56 - "Solid" 

A windy road complimenting the natural shapes found in the German alps at Sylvenstein reservoir. For me, this image is a symbol of symbiosis between man made structures and nature. Shot on Canon 6D with 17-40mm L @17mm. This shot is a time blend and composite of around 30 images ranging from blue hour, to moon lit shots, to a 10 image stack for the milky way. The horizon was lit up by the light pollution of the city of Innsbruck in Austria, which is located right behind this mountain range.

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Brilliant shot Tobias. It seems our interpretation of this competition has warped a little bit from the image having to blatantly tell a story. More and more submissions tell the story of the creator. I really enjoyed your take on the image regarding symbiosis and I definitely think the 'light polution from Inssbruck' is what makes this image

Thanks a lot Ewan!