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2.41 - "Needs Work" 

Life of a poor man

I took this shot last year when I visited the 300year old spice Market of old delhi I found this man sitting on product loader kinda thing he work as delivery guy in old delhi I saw as you can see he face he look depress sad and you can see the background shows the poverty of this man he's sitting near a garbage his clothes are dirty. And if you can see that little poster that says "loan" which also big thing a poor depress man facing problem due to lack of work money and on the wall it says loan you got both in a photograph the problem and the solution of that problem.

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Did you talk to this man? Or did you only assume all these things based off of how he looked and the setting?

Yes me my friend also talked to him he was depress cause nobody hiring for work and he was hungry too so we can't do anything about depress but we gave him money to buy some food for him and for his kids I gave him 500rs in indian currency in which he can buy 2 days meal